The candidate Journey Company!

By enforcing the candidate journey experience, we ensure greater attraction and retention of qualified candidates that we can engage in new positions!

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Our Services

A successful recruitment- & search process requires thorough analysis, curiosity, creativity, industriousness and common sense. Through our recruitment services, we identify, attract and engage specialists.

We combine industry and functional expertise with cultural and geographical knowledge to ensure that our clients have a choice of candidates to choose from.

Specialist recruitment

Full recruitment process all included, fixed fee with 3 month of guarantee.

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search & Selection

  • Full speed process
  • Profile analysis & criteria
  • Longlist of qualified candidates
  • Shortlist of motivated candidates

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Career development

  • Kick-off meeting of your potential and dreams
  • CV & Resumé
  • Coaching
  • Interview preparation
  • Strategy for job search

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Unprecedented in the recruitment business The Candidate Journey Experience is deeply grounded in our services. We have developed processes and communication flows that meet the candidates' needs.

By enforcing this focus, we ensure greater attraction and retention of qualified candidates that we can engage in new positions. Trebbien & Tychsen provides recruitment of specialist.

With 16 years + recruitment experience, we create transparent and fast-paced recruitment processes where there is room for a smile and joyfulness in the meeting between customers and candidates.

We believe in diversity and inclusion: We believe that diversity and inclusion create value for our clients and candidates. By enabling a diverse mindset, innovation increases and leads to better and more nuanced decision-making. For us, it is about offering an inclusive environment and an increased diverse working environment where everyone can bring themselves to work.

Our Values

Three heartfelt values are embedded in our company's culture and in everything we do, so that we always fulfill our potential and deliver the best possible services to our customers!


Our cooperation is based on trust, integrity and the personal relationship.

We meet our partners with the highest degree of honesty and openness to ensure a trustful relationship.

We do this by advising impartially with the clients business goals in mind.


Transparency is the quality of being open and honest. We share our thoughts, knowledge and opinions honestly and respectfully. This way, we want to create the framework for all partners to make decisions based on facts. We strive to create relationships by being direct and transparent in our communication.


We aim to expand our professional and human horizons to be at the forefront of new knowledge and development in the areas we cover. We ensure this by being in constant dialogue with clients and candidates. It is our curiosity that daily expands our knowledge base that our customers benefit from.

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